Data Driven Therapy


Pay for your subscription

Data Driven Therapy costs $25/month when billed on a monthly basis.
The absolute best deal is when you buy 12 months (1 year) of Data Driven Therapy for $10/month. It is so good we will even give you 2 months free!! 1 year of precision mental health care for less than the cost of 1 therapy appointment in many places.
The wearable technology portion of Data Driven Therapy is based on Garmin wearable devices. You are either able to bring your own Garmin based wearable device (most will work) but you can always contact us to double check or to purchase a device and a subscription directly from MyndTek at

We have devices available that start at a low price of $90(US) for a tracker band all the way up to fully featured smart watches priced at $475 with many price points in between. Contact us if you would like to purchase a device and a subscription together.
Can't afford a device but want a full Data Driven Therapy subscription? Reach out and we can discuss payment plans built in with your monthly subscription at a price you can afford.

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